• Always check the User Manual for guidance on the safe use of your NutriBullet 1200 Series. Also refer to the Safety information topics in this guide for information.

    WARNING: The extractor blade is very sharp. Handle with care.

    Never leave the NutriBullet 1200 Series running for more than one minute at a time, or for more than 3 consecutive one minute intervals.

    Never blend heated or carbonated ingredients, this could cause the cup to pressurize and leak.

    This technique must only be used with non-solid ingredients e.g making salsa, etc.
  • 1. The Pulse technique is ideal for preparing food with a chunkier texture like fresh salsa or chopped onion.

    Place your prepared ingredients into the desired cup.
  • 2. Add the desired liquid up to the MAX level.
    Always ensure that your mixture contains enough liquid for the ingredients to move.
  • 3.

    Place the extractor blade onto the cup.

  • 4.

    Turn the extractor blade clockwise to form a tight seal.

  • 5.

    Plug the power lead into the mains power.

  • 6. Line up the tabs on the cup with the tabs on the power base.
  • 7.

    To pulse, press the cup down onto the power base, then release pressure on the cup to stop the extractor blade spinning.

    CAUTION: Allow the extractor blade to stop spinning completely before removal.
  • 8.

    Repeat the technique until you get the desired consistency.

    Never run the extractor blade for more than three consecutive one minute intervals.
  • 9. Wait for the power base to stop completely then remove the cup from the power base.
    Removing earlier than this will lead to increased wear on both the extractor blade and power base.
  • 10.

    Remove the power lead from the mains power.

  • 11. Turn the extractor blade anticlockwise.
  • 12.

    Remove the extractor blade and serve.